Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunts

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Have you been doing some serious looking around and researching numerous trophy mule deer outfitters for a chance to hunt some of the biggest mule deer bucks in the world with your bow?

Would you like to go an archery hunt for hard antlered trophy mule deer bucks that are in the peak of the rut and not have to wait around for years or even decades to draw your trophy mule deer tags?

Would you like to go on early season archery mule deer hunts for bachelor groups of trophy mule deer bucks in the velvet with over the counter tags?

Would you like to apply for limited entry draw tags for trophy archery mule deer hunts where you will have nearly non existent hunting pressure and where you might have a very legitimate chance of harvesting a buck that will beat the current Pope & Young World Record Mule Deer Buck?

Would you like to be able to purchase an otc deer tag if you were unsuccessful in the limited entry draw yet still keep all of your Arizona bonus points that you have waited years to build for next years Arizona mule deer draws?

Stop waiting any longer and join us this year for one of our trophy archery mule deer hunts in Arizona.

Arizona offers bowhunters who want to pursue giant mule deer bucks several different hunt options and seasons from which to choose from that can all produce world class mule deer bucks. The most popular hunt option that bowhunters who are interested in hunting archery mule deer in Arizona have to choose from would be the over the counter archery mule deer hunts that are offered in the great state of Arizona.

arizona strip guidesThere are two different hunting seasons for these otc archery mule deer hunts.

The first otc archery mule deer hunts would be the early season Arizona archery mule deer hunts in the velvet. This archery mule deer hunt typically begins in mid August and will run until the second week of September. Bowhunters who choose to experience these great mule deer hunts will have the opportunity to pursue trophy mule deer bucks that are in the velvet and enjoy a very long hunting season that usually lasts at least 21 days. The Arizona temperatures are generally pretty warm to downright hot during this time of year and this tends to concentrate most of the bachelor groups of trophy mule deer bucks around water sources. We generally experience the highest success on these early season mule deer hunts by hunting these water sources where the most of the trophy mule deer will be congregated from either tree stands or out of ground blinds.

Another successful tactic that we employ on these Arizona mule deer hunts is to hike up to high topography points and then glass and pick apart the surrounding areas near these water sources with our high powered tripod mounted optics in hopes of spotting a trophy buck, or a group of bucks, and then planning a successful stalk. Often times these big mule deer bucks will only hit water under the cover of darkness and your best bet is to try to glass them up very early or very late in the evening when they are up feeding or trying to glass them up as they are traveling to and from these water sources that they are using when they are heading to their daytime bedding areas.

13B arizona strip outfittersThese early season archery mule deer hunts offers serious archery mule deer hunters the chance to look at a lot of different trophy mule deer bucks. Most of these mule deer bucks will generally be found feeding in groups in more open cover and terrain during this time of year due to their antlers being tender while in the velvet. The bright red summer coats that most of these trophy mule deer bucks tend to have in the summer really make them visible at a long distance when glassing. If you have been wanting to harvest a great velvet mule deer buck and do not want to wait years to draw a tag, these are the archery mule deer hunts for you.

The second Arizona otc archery mule deer hunts option would be the late season archery mule deer hunts in the rut. This archery mule deer hunt generally begins on the second weekend of December and runs all the way until the end of January. These mule deer hunts in the rut allow archers to hunt trophy mule deer bucks while they are chasing does in the peak of the rut and allows them to take advantage of a hunting season that is a full month and a half long.

Arizona Archery Mule Deer, arizona archery mule deer hunts, arizona archery mule deer hunts on the kaibab, arizona archery mule deer hunts on the strip, kaibab archery mule deer hunts, arizona strip archery mule deer hunts, archery mule deer hunts, over the counter arizona archery mule deer hunts, archery deer hunts in arizona, archery deer hunts on the kaibab, archery deer hunts on the stripIf you are looking for a lot of fast paced spot and stalk mule deer hunting action with a great chance of harvesting an all time Pope & Young mule deer buck you definitely need to experience this exciting archery mule deer hunt at least once in your lifetime. Wouldn’t you like to harvest a mule deer buck with your bow like the buck pictured to the left? (we photographed this buck in an Arizona otc mule deer unit)

The Arizona mule deer country can literally come alive during these late season archery  mule deer hunts in the rut and it is not uncommon to see dozens of mule deer and several different trophy mule deer bucks throughout the course of one day. Just about every group of does, or any group of mule deer for that matter, that is glassed up during these archery mule deer hunts in the rut is met with great excitement because you never know what kind of trophy mule deer bucks are going to be rutting and chasing the herd. This hunt is spot and stalk mule deer hunting at it’s absolute finest. Glassing from high topography points that let us look over miles and miles of mule deer rutting grounds, with high powered world class optics that are mounted on sturdy tripods, is what produces the best results for our clients during these late season archery mule deer hunts in the rut. We hike to our vantage points well before daylight to be in the best position to look over the most groups of rutting mule deer possible and locate which group of deer has the biggest rutting mule deer bucks with it.

You can also glass up numerous trophy mule deer bucks during this time of year that are “cruising” and are actively and aggressively traveling while looking for mule deer does that are in heat and have not yet acquired a large harem. It’s very exciting to watch trophy mule deer bucks that are traveling fast with their nose to the ground like a hound dog in search of it’s quarry then planning a stalk to cut him off in the direction that he is traveling. Trophy mule deer bucks that are in this “cruising” stage of the rut can often provide mule deer hunters with the best opportunity for a successful stalk. The mule deer bucks mind is so preoccupied with trying to find the fresh scent of a doe in heat that they often let their guard and senses down and allow us to get really close for a shot. Another advantage that a “cruising” mule deer buck offers is that many times they are traveling in a straight line and only looking at the ground. This allows mule deer hunters to stalk to ambush points ahead of the buck in the same line of travel and patiently wait for the buck to cruise by and offer a shot. If you like hard antlered trophy mule deer bucks and love hunting trophy mule deer in the rut, these are the perfect archery mule deer hunts for you.

archery mule deer huntsThe third option for Arizona archery mule deer hunts is to apply for one of the limited entry draw tags on the Arizona Strip Unit 13B, Arizona Strip Unit 13A, or the Kaibab unit 12A and 12B. Let’s take a look at the Arizona Strip Units 13B and 13A first.

We firmly believe that the early season archery mule deer hunts on the Arizona Strip are the best hunting opportunities that an archer will ever have at harvesting a giant mule deer buck that scores over 200 inches Pope & Young.  There is no other place on earth that has better trophy mule deer genetics or that continually produces giant bucks like the Arizona Strip. This archery hunt on the Arizona strip Unit 13B is a fairly new hunt. There has been an archery hunt on the Strip Unit 13A for quite some time but the Unit 13B archery mule deer hunt has only been in place since the 2008 hunting season.

The Unit 13A archery mule deer hunt was formerly an over the counter hunt but it has been changed to a limited entry draw hunt with a very limited number of tags since the 2008 Arizona hunting season. The archery mule deer hunts on the Arizona strip are early season velvet hunts that have the exact same dates as the over the counter early season archery mule deer hunts. The weather can get very hot during this time of year on the Arizona strip and a lot of the trophy Arizona strip bucks up there tend to stay pretty close to the limited water sources that are found on the Arizona Strip. Archery mule deer hunters who are lucky enough to be able to draw one of these archery tags for the Arizona strip generally experience the greatest success on trophy Arizona strip bucks by hunting these Arizona Strip waterholes out of treestands and ground blinds.

Waterhole hunting is not the rule though as a lot of the good mule deer country that is found on the Arizona Strip seems to have been tailor made for spot and stalk mule deer hunts. During the 2010 archery mule deer hunt in Unit 13B, a typical Arizona strip buck that was harvested by an Arizona hunter, by glassing and then spotting and stalking, may potentially be the new Pope & Young world record typical archery mule deer buck. If you are looking for an archery mule deer hunt that is the absolute best of the best for giant mule deer, and you do not mind waiting a few years to draw a tag, you need to give some very serious consideration to applying for the archery mule deer hunts on the Arizona Strip Units 13B and 13A.

archery mule deer huntsWith all of the attention that the Arizona Strip receives from hardcore trophy mule deer hunters it is sometimes pretty easy to overlook the Kaibab Plateau as an excellent choice for trophy archery mule deer hunts. The Kaibab, like the Arizona Strip, also has a very trophy rich mule deer gene pool. This incredible trophy mule deer gene pool produces plenty of trophy mule deer bucks for the bowhunters that choose to apply for the tags that are allocated for the early season archery mule deer hunts on the Kaibab. Bowhunters who choose to hunt the archery hunts on the Kaibab will encounter very high numbers of mule deer that are unparalleled anywhere in the state of Arizona.

The Kaibab archery mule deer hunts are also an early season velvet hunt with dates that start in mid august and end in early to mid september. Again, the weather is very warm this time of year and most of the mule deer will be in the high altitude thickly forested areas of the Kaibab Plateau and will be staying close to water. These thick forest areas on the Kaibab are very difficult to glass in and most mule deer hunters have the best success on this hunt by hunting water holes and travel routes out of treestands and ground blinds. Although glassing and spotting and stalking mule deer bucks can be tough during this hunt you will still see great numbers of deer on our Kaibab archery mule deer hunts.

The mule deer densities on the Arizona Strip are very low and you will not see great numbers of deer while hunting there but it is quite the opposite on the Kaibab. Kaibab mule deer bucks can be found in great numbers and high densities which makes for a very exciting and fast paced archery mule deer hunt with sightings of multiple mule deer bucks being very possible on a daily basis.

archery mule deer huntsGenerally, the average gross scores of the trophy mule deer bucks that are harvested on the Kaibab will be lower than those of the mule deer bucks that have been taken on the Arizona Strip. The Arizona Strip produces higher scoring mule deer bucks on average but the Kaibab is not too far behind and has produced some true behemoths on the archery mule deer hunt. In fact, a Pope & Young non typical mule deer buck which scored an amazing 258 1/8 net P&Y was taken on the Kaibab archery hunt. This incredible Kaibab mule deer buck is still the Arizona state record mule deer in the archery non typical category. Don’t overlook the Kaibab archery hunts for big mule deer bucks.

Arizona offers serious archery mule deer hunters with some great hunts for trophy mule deer bucks. Yavapai Outfitters LLC has a very high amount of experience on all of these world class archery mule deer hunts and will provide you with a world class hunt no matter which Arizona archery mule deer hunts you choose from. We are your first and only choice for the absolute best Arizona mule deer outfitters and Arizona mule deer guides

Contact us today if you are ready to experience some of the finest archery mule deer hunting available.