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Arizona is home to some of the finest free range trophy elk hunting on the planet.

No other state or country can compete with the great state of Arizona when it comes to consistently producing world class trophy elk year in and year out.

 The Yavapai Outfitters team of professional Arizona elk guides and Arizona elk outfitters will help you to fully maximize the amazing trophy potential that your Arizona elk tag offers you.

Yavapai Outfitters LLC will also gladly assist you in applying for these trophy Arizona elk tags every year.

arizona elk outfitters If you are fortunate enough to draw a tag for a trophy Arizona Elk hunt, Yavapai Outfitters LLC is one of your premier choices for Arizona Elk outfitters and Arizona elk guides.

A look through the Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young record books leaves little doubt about the world class quality of the incredible trophy elk hunting that is found in Arizona.

Arizona consistently produces record book bull elk for hunters every year and it holds the current Pope & Young World Records for both typical and non-typical Rocky Mountain Elk.

Arizona also proudly holds the current Boone & Crockett World Record for typical Rocky Mountain Elk.

A combination of great trophy elk genetics, good local feed and minerals, coupled with strict trophy elk management by the state of Arizona has created a trophy elk herd without equal.

There are several different seasons and options if you are interested in hunting trophy Arizona elk with our dedicated team of professional Arizona elk guides.

arizona elk outfitters

We feel that the absolute best time to harvest a giant Arizona bull elk is during the early season Arizona archery elk hunts in the rut that take place during the month of September.

These are the classic screaming rut elk hunts that every elk hunter dreams about but very few get to experience. Most of the Arizona elk are in the peak of the rut during this hunt and the breakage on the elk antlers generally isn’t that bad yet.

Regardless of weapon choice, we feel that this early Arizona archery elk season in the rut is the best tag to focus your efforts on drawing if your goal is to harvest a giant Arizona bull elk.

Next on the trophy Arizona elk hunt list would be the early rifle rut hunts for bull elk which take place right after the Arizona archery bull elk hunts are over.

These early season Arizona rifle elk tags in the rut are extremely difficult to draw but they do offer the rifle elk hunter the finest opportunity to tag a giant Arizona bull elk with a rifle.

What drops this Arizona elk hunt down to number 2 on our list is that by the time this elk hunt rolls around many of the big bulls might have some antler breakage due to being in the latter stages of the rut.

arizona elk outfittersAlso, these Arizona elk have been hunted and chased hard for 14 days prior by all of the Arizona archery elk hunters.

That being said though, tag numbers for this elk hunt are very low so hunter pressure isn’t too bad and you have the tremendous advantage of having a high powered rifle in your hands while the elk are still bugling and are very visible.

If you are a rifle elk hunter only, and don’t mind waiting many years to draw an Arizona elk tag, these early season rifle elk hunts in the rut are by far the best rifle elk hunts in the state of Arizona.

Arizona also offers a mid-season rifle bull elk hunt that takes place after the early rut season rifle elk hunts have ended.

arizona elk outfitters

These mid season rifle Arizona elk tags are much easier to draw than the Arizona early rifle bull elk hunts but the hunting is more difficult due to the elk being in the post rut period and the bulls are starting to move into their winter patterns.

You can occasionally get on some elk that are still bugling during this hunt but don’t count on it.

Tag numbers are pretty low for this Arizona elk hunt so hunter pressure isn’t terrible but keep in mind that these bulls have been hunted for a month before this Arizona elk hunt begins and the rut is generally over for the most part.

If you want to hunt Arizona bull elk sooner rather than later and don’t mind sacrificing some quality for hunting opportunity then you might want to look into these mid season Arizona rifle elk hunts.

arizona elk outfittersAfter these mid season Arizona rifle elk hunts archers can now apply for the late season Archery bull elk hunts that Arizona has implemented that take place in mid November.

These Arizona late season archery elk hunts can be extremely difficult hunts but, there are some very attractive features about these Arizona elk hunts. First, these tags are relatively easy to draw. You don’t need a lot of bonus points to draw this tag and you can be chasing Arizona bulls pretty regularly by putting in for this hunt.

Second, the tag numbers are very low on these Arizona elk hunts and hunting pressure is virtually non existent.

Third, these hunts take place in all the best trophy elk units in the state of Arizona. It is a late season winter hunt but those giant Arizona bull elk are still there.

arizona elk outfitters

If you want to hunt Arizona elk often, are physically fit, and are an experienced archer ready for some challenging but rewarding elk hunting, you might want to give these unique late season Arizona archery elk hunts a try.

The last elk season that Arizona offers is the general late season Arizona rifle bull elk hunts that take place in late November and early December. These are very difficult late season winter elk hunts and are bot for everybody but, you still have the chance of tagging a giant Arizona bull elk on this hunt.

One of the highest scoring bull elk that we have ever produced here at Yavapai Outfitters (425 B&C) was taken on one of these Arizona late season elk hunts in one of the worst drought years in Arizona history.

arizona elk outfitters

That being said, don’t have your hopes super high of harvesting a 400 inch Arizona Elk on this hunt.

Some of the big bulls will have some antler breakage and they are mainly going to be holed up in some very rough country hiding out and trying to recover from the extreme physical toll that the rut has taken on their bodies.

These Arizona late season rifle bull elk tags are much easier to draw than early season tags but hunter pressure is higher due to the very high amount of tags given out for this elk hunt and the winter conditions can be tough.

You will be hunting elk in Arizona much more frequently by applying for these tags but you might be sacrificing some quality.

Call or email us at anytime and we’ll be glad to personally discuss all of the Arizona elk hunt options with you. Yavapai Outfitters LLC and our hardworking team of highly experienced Arizona elk guides works very hard and scouts elk intensively all year round to be one of your first choices in Arizona elk guides and Arizona elk outfitters. We will do our best to match you up with one of our professional Arizona elk guides and an Arizona elk hunt that best meets your trophy elk hunting needs and desires.

arizona elk outfittersYavapai Outfitters is very fortunate to be located right in the heart of Arizona’s top producing trophy elk units.

The top trophy elk hunt units in Arizona are only a few minutes away from our home and we have acquired an extremely vast knowledge base and experience in all of these Arizona elk hunt units over the years.

Living so close to these trophy Arizona elk areas allows ourselves and our highly experienced Arizona elk guides to spend enormous amounts of time scouting and locating world class trophy bull elk for our clients.

Not only do we know the elk country, our Arizona elk guides also know how to effectively put these giant Arizona elk on the ground.

arizona elk outfittersBeing on numerous trophy elk kills year in and year out has given us and our hardworking team of professional Arizona elk guides a tremendous of experience in effectively hunting the giant bull elk that call Arizona home.

Our Arizona elk guides get to put their hands on lots of big bulls every year and we know exactly how to help you close the deal on these giant Arizona elk.

From the early rut hunts to the late season winter hunts we are one of your top choices in professional Arizona elk guides and Arizona elk outfitters.

arizona elk outfitters

We also book trophy elk hunts with guaranteed tags in Oregon, Idaho, and New Mexico in addition to our Arizona elk hunts.

Yavapai Outfitters LLC has recently joined forces with some of the finest elk outfitters in the state of Arizona to form our new Arizona elk outfitting company: Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC. Log on to for more photos and information on our exciting new Arizona elk guiding and outfitting company, Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC.

Contact us at Yavapai Outfitters LLC today for more details on all of our exciting World Class trophy elk hunts.



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